Our greatest service is advice: we build confidence in Kiwis

With tailored advice, crafted on 35 years of industry experience, scientific knowledge and technological advancements, we provide the guidance you need to get ahead in the industry. 

From risk-based assessments to environmental monitoring, our team work in field with you.

We help you grow your business in both a profitable and sustainable way, ensuring your land thrives for future generations

Agricultural consulting

Sustainable farming: how can we help?

Starting with an on-site visit, our team assess your farm to see room for improvement – we identify risks and provide agricultural solutions

Our services check-list:

✔️ On-farm risk audits including effluent management and WOF’s

✔️ Farm soil mapping, soil infiltration and compaction testing

✔️ High-grade water testing 

✔️ Project development and management

✔️ Sustainable farming system implementation 

✔️ Resource consent writing and monitoring 

✔️ Nutrient management and nitrogen reference point calculations

✔️ Environmental monitoring 

✔️ Community group environment planning 

✔️ Risk-based assessments 

✔️ Council and government regulation due-diligence 

✔️ Drone imagery and farm mapping 

With a wide-range of services, our team are here to help your farm flourish

We get to know you and your land, delivering personal advice and solutions

As experts in sustainable farming and environmental monitoring, all of our services work in synergy to help you manage and run your farm the best you can. 

Identifying room for improvement, running risk based assessments, and offering agricultural solutions and mitigations – we will help you heighten the quality and efficiency of your land and livestock practices.

Innovative farming drone technology

We use the team at Drone Imagery to work on a range of projects collecting GIS and GPS data as well as farm and location mapping. 

The “hard-to-reach” nature of drone videos and imagery delivers a high resolution scope of your land. In the event of damage or theft, the videos captured by our drones can also be used as insurance evidence.

Have a farming problem? 
Let us know and we’ll create a solution.