Our company was founded on a vision to empower our fellow Kiwi farmers

10 years ago, our founder Debbie Care turned her knowledge into a business – our business. 

Who are we today? We’re a team of friendly, like-minded individuals who love being on the land. We work out on the field, helping fellow farmers and agricultural experts to find the best solutions for their business.

We’re agricultural advice; we’re AgVice.

Dr. Debbie took her education and experience and put it to good use

Calling on over 35 years of scientific study and industry insight

After graduating with a PhD in plant science, as well as a number of other qualifications in tech development, research and advisory, our founder Debbie Care became Dr. Debbie.

Alongside her studies, Dr. Debbie gained experience working for AgResearch, and went on to work in the environmental team at DairyNZ and later as a researcher in the Ag technology space at Wintec.

She aspired to turn her expertise into a consulting company that operated with a balance of both scientific research and your traditional hands-on Kiwi hard-work. 

So in 2009, Dr. Debbie founded AgVice on a vision to help New Zealand farms thrive for years to come.

Today, we’re a team of problem-solvers, who value hard-work

Drawing on 35 years of scientific education – and following 10 years of business practice – AgVice is now a full-time operation that specialises in consultancy and advice for:

  • Conservation and sustainability 
  • Agriculture
  • Dairy farming
  • Drystock farming 
  • Horticulture

When it comes to farming solutions and agricultural advice, we’re the best team for the job!

Caring for our community and environment is at the forefront of AgVice

While advice is our main service, the values that guide this service have a lot to do with our community and environment that we’re lucky to call home.

Community and relationships

Relationship building:

We love to get to know our clients individually. Whether you’re an everyday farmer, an owner, government department, or an official in the industry; we value our relationship with you.

Catchment groups:

Because our environment is important to us, we get involved with the community and work within facilitations such as the Taharua river water management group.

Conservation and sustainability

Sustainable advice:

Calling on our qualifications, we tailor agricultural advice in a way that continues the Kiwi farming legacy and maintains profitability. But more importantly, educates environmentally-friendly farm practices – we aim for a win-win outcome.

Conserving our land:

Here at AgVice, we live, swim, fish and hunt in our environment. But at the same time; we care for it. We use sustainable practices in everything we do – from nutrient, to effluent management –  we take care to preserve our land for future generations.

Need guidance caring for your land? Give us a call, our team would love to help!