Welcome to AgVice:

Your trusted farm and agricultural consulting provider

Drawing on 35 years of industry education and good old hard work, we enlighten New Zealand farmers

As experts in plant science, environmental science, agriculture, geographic information systems, and dairy and drystock farming, we guide our clients with agricultural consulting, farm advice, and planning. 

As a team who grew up on the land, we’re used to getting our hands dirty – working on the field and providing personalised agricultural advice and solutions! 

Our clients are from all over NZ! North or South, our team travel to work with you on your farm.

Integrity is important to us, we tailor our advice and solutions to you

We understand that every region, farm, and client is different. Taking a personalised, hands-on approach to agricultural consulting, we go on-site, with a fresh perspective, and get to know you and your farm. 

Integrity is a key value of ours, we don’t just “tell” you advice – we guide you with an honest and personalised approach.

New agricultural insights: we assist Kiwis with developing their farms for the future

Assessing your current farm situation, we tailor our agricultural advice to fit with your land and values. We create farm environmental plans that not only increase the quality of your practice, but preserve your land for future generations.

Whatever you need we can help! Here's a few of our key services:

Interested in gaining a fresh perspective?

NZ agriculture: caring for this beautiful place we call home

With an enthusiastic team who grew up on the land in New Zealand, a big part of what we value as a business is caring for the environment. 

Drawing on scientific knowledge, our team create farm environmental plans that aim to conserve our natural environment. We educate and implement sustainable practices to improve the management and conservation of your land and livestock.